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Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

local shoes designer
Von iksog1, 04:50

As minority of members of local shoes designer, Mo Yi Jun says:"The design of the shoes in fact equal technique, the designer doesn't want ~only sharp to vogue, also want to have understanding to the different module of shoes, for example heel of shoe cent Gao Gen, flat bottom shoe sole, thin heel, baba(platform) heel of shoe etc..The usage of different heel of shoe, material also influences the design of shoes."
Mo Yi Jun whom the graduation fastens from the picture design(Graphic Design) reveals that oneself is also go into go back to do what side learn.The local female values the comfortable feeling of shoes, "a pair of good wear of shoes not pay attention to external appearance, the importance of the shoes also the beard is just right.The too light shoes are easily loose, the too heavy shoes don't easily run about again, therefore want to know usage the weight just right cloth and quality material to carry on a design.However, some materials at local not much see, like leather, so is shoes designer, also want to study and understand each kind of characteristic of quality material."cheap women shoes

Alice Soedirman also adds, compared with the costume design, the shoes design of limit more."The costume design arrives to°from the invisible having material form, the shoes then have already fixed a style already, design just also can from the existing shoe style foundation up, add a detail.For example a pair of high-heeled shoeses, the heel of shoe style is fixed, can not change it, can the space limit developing is in the shoe head, on the side."

The hardware lacks:The shoe factory isn't muchcheap fashion jewelry

A lot of females love not to release "feet" to the shoes, and 《desire city (Sex and the city)》of leading role Carrie Bradshaw is similar and infatuate to the shoes madness.Popular culture such as 《desire 》although red shoes brands, such as Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo...etc., the vogue position of shoes is still like greenery at the side of peony, is a clothing to go together with a decoration, so always hard guide vogue of vanguard.

According to local shoes brand Foxtrot chief executive officer beard light the observation of the Wei, the circumstance like this is an international trend, the running short of local shoes designer is miniaturing of an international circumstance.He says:"The designer that is much more than local to lack shoes, the going together of foreign country once revealed as well and faced a same circumstance.The female consumer likes to purchase shoes, but designer's gruel many monks are little."Now many young people choose to do poineering work, set up his own Company Formation

Own 3 retail place of Foxtrot, there is exclusive local design team, release 80-120 new designs annually.The business development manager Chen of Foxtrot is beautiful to point out, the local great environment lacks hardware, with the result that the shoes design the development of profession to hobble.

She says:"The local shoe factory is few, being engaged in the shoes design must usually go abroad, and the other parts of country craftsman cooperate, the work environment of factory also not as so as office comfortable.On the shoes designer's image also not as so as fashion designer glam, must be responsible for an inventory managment, handle the shoes of consumedly small dimensions etc.."Many organic vegetables are usedled lighting design

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