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Dienstag, 05. Juni 2012

LED in policy "dawn"
Von iksog1, 06:35

From the application perspective, at present, the LED the end products basic to enterprise exported, domestic application mainly by backlighting, display is given priority to,Ubabee baby wear dab4c52ck and lighting applications has not really start.

From various segments of the market to see, of TV of a liquid crystal display, LED backlighting high-growth areas has already passed stage; Display application field enterprise numerous, homogeneity serious competition, the enterprise profit space continuously compression. Civil lighting and public lighting area there is a huge LED the market. However, the LED lighting products high prices, become the important obstacle of widely carried out.

"The reason of higher prices LED lights, or because the production scale is not enough, the overall cost down not down." A LED production enterprise boss said that despite the current production LED lamp enterprise a lot, but in fact sales is not large, it also decided to everyone to the purchase of the chip has no bargaining discourse, and small production, production scale effect can not come out.

"The current, the effective measures to solve these problems by policy should be to promote or." A LED industry research groups said Japan is the world's first announced that one of the countries to disable the incandescent lamp, also is the current LED lighting of the fastest growing areas, and from the government subsidies and incentive policy, is believed to be behind the important push.

Last November, China also announced the incandescent lamp an exit plan. This year, the relevant department issued a series of LED lighting and energy saving TV in the subsidies. In addition,LED PAR 38 some of the conditions of the provinces have also launched a LED lighting applications for the local support policy.

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