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Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

mini to receive
Von iksog1, 08:58

Only the Xin VP152 turns over page laser the pen is mini to receive a machine to strike
Only the Xin electronics science and technology limited company concentrates on a laser pen research and initiates the corporate culture of"responsibility, service, active, enthusiasm"dvb t tuners to allow by being served to education profession for oneself.The at such a gold autumn moment, only Xin science and technology at originally VP150 improvement of foundations, release to match turning over of the convenience of large teachers more page laser pen VP152, underneath let's come right away Chou Chou.

Only the Xin VP152 turns over page laser pen external appearance design vogue, the key is agile to work properly to move.As well bear comparison with VP150 on the function, 360 degrees wireless control office transacts software PPT up and down turns over page, laser beam at will"point out river's mountain" is undoubtedly the good assistant of lecture teaching.With only the Xin VP150's turning over the biggest dissimilarity of pen of page laser is its to receive a machine, consumedly"weight reduction", cleverly made mini, receive machine just like with USB of wireless mouse.

Only Xin vp 152 turn over the advantage of page laser pen

In the power supply, adopt common No.7 of one section battery.On the function, only the Xin VP152 turns over page laser, the pen adopts a 2.4 G, the wireless delivers a technique,dvb t receivers the anti- interference is strong, function stable credibility, effectively distance reach to 10 meters, even if you can make a speech to control from a distance to the teaching in farther corners from such as, also be free from return rush about, economized time, make teaching more easy.Strengthen and the student's interaction, let to give lessons more fascinatingly.

In autumn, it is an abundant season.Own only the Xin VP152 to turn over a page pen, your life is much many the fun, many surprised much more pleased, harvest much many.Promote sales price 75 dollars, quickly arrive only Xin flagship store( or only the Xin monopoly store rush to buy!cable supplierUnderstand more informations to please to register an official site

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