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Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

American satellite to drop
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150 kilogram satellite where be the fragment fallen to the Earth world to tightly stare at American satellite to drop
150 kilograms heavy satellite fragments will sink into the EarthLED Tube Light

"The American astronautics bureau will welcome to sink into an angel" and"the Earth will present to public the sky star rain", on the 20th, these look like wonderful headline in the medium under, but is one making the whole world all followed is nervous of news.NASA in the United States nation released the latest forecast to say in its website on the 19th, September 23, already discard of high atmosphere research the satellite(UARS) may be losing control appearance to crash down to fall to the ground ball, time error margin is plus or minus day.

According to British Reuter's report way, UARS is as heavy as 6 tons and take a space shuttle into orbit in 1991 and complete a task to stop an operation behind in 2005.NASA usually the guide abandon satellite into to die orbit or fall to into ocean, but because of UARS fuel shortage,LED Strip Light as to it's does that bureau have already canned not carry out an effective control.According to the estimate, this satellite gets into after the atmosphere big part will burnable almost exhausted, but still have 26 fragments to always weigh to 500 kilograms to remain and finally fall at on the earth a certain place is the biggest number NASA that more than 30 in the last yearses fall onto ground space discard.Among them, the biggest fragment weight can reach to 150 kilograms.

The United States 《Washington Post 》commentary says, lose control satellite to fall onto ground to make the fine calculating scientist make difficult, they don't know satellite when fall onto ground, it is a more hard estimate to destroy a slice to sink into a location.Had NASA the officials to say, satellite remnants slice sinking into the location may in Canada of of the north and the south of South America, but this actually covered the Earth surface of very parts of regions.The report way cites the words from the expert which fear to forecast two hours before sinking into, error margin will also longer than 25 minutes, the scope of this 5000 miles.According to Russia 《standpoint report 》report way, Russia aerospace section thinks, the UARS fragment will fall to into an Indian Ocean gram Luo the Ze islands is with area in the North Sea.LED Spot Light Manufacturer《Washington Post 》call, calculate thus, numerous fragment in broad daylights under become flaming fireball in the atmosphere, row a refreshing track, also be good enough to let the person feel that touching eyes is shocking.

But NASA to this hold different viewpoint, think citizen of the Earth need not for this load of surprised is feared.Computes according to that bureau, UARS fragment's harming the person's several rates is 1|3200, sound to seem to be very high, but the premise is just the body that the fragment wants to hit a person up, but UARS fragment's hitting to the person's several rates is 1| is 22.Chief scientist's Nicolas of NASA ·John Be lousy to say, the mankind soar into space more than 50 in the last yearses in ages and haven't been shot by garbage fragment in the one space.

This parlance is answered criticism by Russian expert.According to Russia 《business the person report 》report way, expert points out, in March, 2007 Chile a build on stilts an A340 once at fly on the way Tu be attacked from both flanks by several steaming hot satellite fragments.led lighting designThe airplane pilot recalls, is getting into New Zealand territorial air space after 10 minutes, the airplane neighborhood suddenly appears several fireballs that the Longs Long make to ring and is apart from an airplane to only have 8 kilometers recently.The after the event finds out, these almost shooting aero fireball is a fragment of satellite in Russia.Russia 《news 》19 in the website says, even if the American also incompletely believes NASA the parlance.An American who is named second black inside Mu Si said that she was once shot a left shoulder by a piece of space garbage in 1997 and almost died, it was a mysterious gift to start her still thinking.

According to an American Chinese descent section Pu expert on the 20th to 《round-the-world Times 》the reporter introduces and biggestly fall onto ground up to the present the space garbage weighs 70 kilograms and fasten "virtuous Er tower-2" rocket in the United States x-rated, in January, 2001 sink into in the sand inshore desert especially in.But the most dangerous of is January, 1978 at a time, the Soviets"cosmos-954" crashed by breakdown is artificial satellite is check motive satellite, being worried may result in a pit pollution.Russia 《totally green regiment Pravda 》cite the words from a Moscow citizen"the satellite sinks into one of the main threat of having become the mankind, but the scientists always comfort people to worry, but under the so many space garbage threat permafrost circumstance, how can the mankind have peace of mind a life again?"

Mankind can should to the space of "crisis four Fus"?

"American astronautics bureau why resign to UARS satellite exhaustion fuel?Should being a person whom the organization that takes safety as first important affair grant to be so undertake what kind of responsibility?How can people in the world know to handle this person?"In England 《independent report 》under the report way concerning this matter, the net friend puts forward a series of query.

Equally lift to wrongly still have the United States nation public host Michaelle in the broadcasting station ·Si in the promise.To this, NASA deluxe orbit wastes research expert's many Nas are virtuous ·Kai Si Lei answered,plate heat exchanger manufacturer in spite of take place once a certain aircraft soars into space what, shoot national capital to need to this negative whole responsibilities.According to Canada 《the free news of Wen Ni Bo2》report way, already someone lay claim to law field to take preventive measures.The west University of Ontario professor Brown thinks that the fragment may shoot Canadian residents' area results in loss, even die or injure, suggest to add law field to work well preparation, once appearing this circumstance to quickly pursue the indemnification obligation of the United States.That year, the Soviets"cosmos-954" satellite crashes fragment to splash to fall to the back of field ice in the north of Canada, the United States added two countries to carry on to associately clean up, and sent the Zhang list to a Soviets, and the Soviets also really paid.

The artificial earth satellite of Soviets blast-off head in 1957, have already had the artificial aerospace machine that more than 40 nations own an our country, the total amount is about 6000.The increment that investigates an activity along with the mankind, the space becomes to more and more be like a crisis the place of four Fus.According to the British broadcasting company report way, non-profit think factory in the United States released the latest research paper to say in this month and already arrived a critical point in garbage number in the space of the Earth orbit, can examine of more than 22,000.These space garbages include fragment cloud and abandon of helping and pushing machine and satellite fragment etc., every moment threaten 1000 artificial satellite safeties.In addition to space garbage, back service to abandon satellite, last year, "Milky Way 15" number of the international correspondence satellite in general use company in the United States' corresponding by letter satellite is exploded to lose contact with ground, 《Christian Science Monitor 》report way say, the industry personage calls this trouble's doing is "unprecedented in history".

American gulf area Mo Qiu benefit news commentary in the website said that in millions years of evolution development, the mankind constructed a thousands civilization city in the world.They conquer disease and experience war, science and technology continuously development, the telephone can be a computer to use, the star mother can become younger than sons and daughters.At the same time, the mankind still have a specially huge skill, that is to make breakage.Have to say, we are really the geniuses of this aspect.The mankind can shoot laser, the ability shot ground atom, press a button and then can destroy the whole city.Now, we stretch toward the space.

Chinese aerospace expert huge Hao once to 《round-the-world Times 》introduction said, were this type of machine but speech that surrounded the aerospace that the Earth flew to the artificial earth satellite, cosmos airship and space station in fact, if don't add any control and adjustment, almost faced a same predestination into the Earth atmosphere because of being subjected to function of the Earth gravitation, unique using was different length, grew then are short for several years then for a few months.Artificial aerospace machine's losing control to also bring threat to ground is a kind of small all lead affairs, but cope with extremely tough, still have no currently specialized of, practical viable way.Can make now of be supervise and control in time, precision follow, compute to sink into district in advance, see a circumstance evacuation.

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